Striving for Mutually Meaningful Value

Striving for Mutually Meaningful Value

There’s a gratifying amount of attention being paid nowadays to the idea that sales people need to focus on creating genuine customer value. It’s a concept that sits at the very centre of our own Value Selling System®.

And yet I still sense that there’s a lot of ambiguity about what different people mean when they talk about focusing on value. It might be best to start by offering a practical working definition of what we mean (or ought to mean) when we talk about “value” from a sales perspective…

Some people think of value in purely financial terms – in terms of the ability to increase revenue or reduce cost as a result of an investment, and while I agree that these are key components of value I believe that it is a huge mistake to narrow our thinking down to just monetary matters.

I believe it’s much more useful to think of value in broader terms: as the relative importance, worth, or usefulness of an asset from the perspective of both the owner and the receiver.


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